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I have been a little discouraged recently. I recently joined the Clickin Mom's Photography Forum. So far it is awesome. I've already learned so much. I put my pictures up for Hard Core Critique and well let's just say there was a lot of bad and not good. :( I appreciate their honesty but it's made me realized that I still have so much to learn about photography and taking great pictures.  If only had more time... full time job gets in the way. So I'm going to try to study up as much as I can. Although, my scrapbook design hobby and invitation business take away from my time to learn photography too. I love it all you could say! I really want to just take another photography class but the budget is tight at the moment. So I'm trying really hard to not spend much money. I'm also saving for a new lense which I can't decide on. So I decided to research about lenses and how they work and the difference between a telephoto lense and prime lense. The first site I came to after google was Cambridge in Colour and specifically to this page. There are also a lot of other helpful articles on this site. Just click on Techniques.

Another part of learning is talking to current photographers. I met with Richard from RVR Photography and he was very helpful. I hope to go along with him on some weddings in the future. I also met with Erica from Erica May Photography. She is such a sweet girl and is already doing so well at a young age. She told me about how she got started and just recently quit her day job. What a great role model! She talked about all the different facets of photography and the business side. I am so greatful she agreed to meet with me and let me ask her a million questions. Thanks for your help so far!

I'm really enjoying this photography journey. Stay tuned for more to come!