Cooper -




We got our new puppy on Christmas Eve. We picked him up from the Safe Harbor office in Basehor, KS. The roads were already slick when we were driving there. Luckily, Erik was driving since we all know my track record with wrecks.  We got there and another family was there adopting Cooper's brother. I was so happy to hear that he was getting a good home too.  The little girl named the brother cute is that. I gave them my email so they could send us updates of the little brother and maybe Cooper and Bow could meet again.

So far Cooper is awesome. He's the sweetest puppy. He listens pretty well for only being 3 months or so.  He's an angel compared to Miley. Miley used to try to bite us all the time. He has yet to try to bite us other than our ankles..which has only happened twice.  He is mostly potty trained but when we send him outside he squats and pees on our deck.  Hopefully, after all the snow is gone he'll stop peeing on the deck and go in the grass.

Miley seems to get along with Cooper for the most part. At first we got mad at her for knocking him over but then he started fighting back by biting her ears, lips and tail. Cooper has sharp, tiny teeth too. So now we just let them fight it out. We think Miley is a little jealous of Cooper, esp. with my attention. She seems to get more mad at me for playing with him. He's just a very happy, affectionate puppy. He's always wagging his tail.  Ahh I just love my furbabies so much. Can't wait to have a real baby too :)

Cooper on the first night we got him.
He's a tired boy.
Miley & Cooper sharing the same bed.
The puppies tired after a long day of playing.

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