First Tiered Cake -
I started working on my first tiered cake on Sunday...well that was a bad idea. I should have started on Saturday. I made a 4 inch tall by 6 inch wide cake and a 4 inch tall by 10 inch wide cake. Well I ran out of ingredients half way through making the batter so I had to go to the store to get more eggs, powder sugar, oil, etc. Then I couldn't decide whether to ice it buttercream or fondant. I settled on the normal white buttercream because I didn't have enough fondant to cover both cakes plus it tastes soo much better. I began icing the cakes and ran out of icing..even though I had made 3 batches. So I had to make more. I finally finished icing the cakes around 9 p.m. Sunday night. Then the 10 inch cake wouldn't fit in the box so I had to tape it open and put saran wrap around it. It took a lot of time but I think it turned out pretty good. Everyone at work loved it and said it tasted like Wedding Cake! I'm already contemplating my next cake!
Daisy Cake - Almond Cake with Buttercream

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