Looking for Photography Opportunities -
Recently, I have decided to start building up my photography portfolio. I enjoy learning photography and there is so much to it. I never thought about how much goes into creating amazing pictures until now. I'm hoping to open my own photography business in the future. So please help me out! If you know of any second shooter jobs or need a second shooter for weddings, PLEASE PLEASE contact me. You can find pictures on my blog. Also if you want to be my model and get some free pictures taken let me know as well! I enjoy photographing all types of people, families, couples, kids, babies! Thank you so much for your help!

I have contacted a few other photographers and hoping something will work out so I can help shoot a wedding with one of them soon! I'm super excited about all of this and thanks for the support my fellow bloggers!
One of my favorite pictures from a recent shoot. I really like the vintage/antique look on photos.

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