Project 365 - Day 1 -
Happy New Year all! Since it's the New Year, I have decided to start a photo 365 project, in which you take one photo every day for a year. It makes me nervous to make such a long term commitment, but hopefully I can stick with it. I am going to try to post each picture here on my blog. I will try to post every day but I'm sure I will combine days sometimes. I plan on using my Canon 60d for these pictures, but if life gets in the way I will at least use my phone or point and shoot to try to stay on task.  My goal for this project is to capture my every day life through photographs. Although, not every day is exciting, it's still important to enjoy each day. I am also hoping to improve on my photography skills as the year goes along. So here's my first picture! (There may be more than one each day too!)

My sister, Amber, and her boyfriend, Matt, came to visit for New Years. Amber's dog, Addie, also tagged along! She is a puggle (beagle/ pug mix). She is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. She never barks or growls and is always wagging her tail. She also LOVES food!! I mean who doesn't but look at her little chub! We like to call her Fatty Addie! Since Addie is never around, I never get photos of the little pooch. So here's one I took this morning before they headed back to Chi town!  Love you Fatty Addie! Love, Aunt Erin :)
Are you starting a Project 365? If so send me your link in the comments! I would love to follow you as well! Happy New Years friends!
1/1/2011 03:33:36 pm

hey there! linked over from bloom. excited to follow your journey.

i've taken on a 52 week challenge this year.

best of luck and happy new year!

1/3/2011 02:21:53 am

Oh my gosh. a Puggle. So cute :)

I've started the 365 ( as well - best of luck to you!

1/3/2011 02:57:22 am

Thanks! I will check out your blogs as well1


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