Project 365 Day 33 - 38 -
Day 33
These are the before and after pictures of my upstairs closet. Doesn't it look better? I can now fit all my exercise equipment in the closet. The only thing that stinks is a lot of the boxes are now in my storage room. I guess that's the next project :(
Day 34
Our super awesome vacuum that I use ALL the time. With two dogs, I have to vacuum more than normal. Damn dog hair!

Day 35
The prompt from the Joy of Love was clothes of the one you love. These are Erik's khaki pants that he weirdly hangs on the closet door so they won't get wrinkly.
Day 36
We went to El Dorado to see our nieces and nephews. Here is one photo from the weekend. This is Brie. She's such a cutie! Her lips are all red from eating a ring pop.
Day 37
Today, I went to a studio lighting workshop with some other photographers. It was really informative but I still prefer natural light so we did some of that too. This is one of my favorite photos from the day.
Day 38
The prompt from the Joy of Love was what you hate about a loved one. Well I hate when my dogs tear the stuffing out of their toys and leave it all over the house. So messy and I get tired of cleaning it up.
2/10/2011 07:24:01 am

Day 33 (before): those ironing boards! I kept mine from college, and got some hooks at a home improvement store and hung the ironing board on my wall. So now it folds down, a little like those murphy beds. It's super slick!

(I'm Karen Mikols ... I worked at your dad's restaurant for a few years! -- hope it's not too strange I'm commenting here.)


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