Contemplating -
I have been contemplating upgrading my site to a full domain. However, who knew there were so many Erin Leigh's out there. Why oh why did my parents name me such a common name. So note to myself to not name my kid a common name..well when I have kids. (No I'm not pregnant though my mom wishes I was). I don't want to use my married name in the domain because well those that know me personally know it isn't the easiest name to say. So I feel that would make it harder to find my website. I am currently trying to figure out how to start my own business. I have a full time job that I'm not a huge fan of. I went to grad school and now I am almost regretting my occupation. I wish I would have went to school for graphic design, marketing or something of that nature. I have most recently discovered my love for creating things, whether it be digitally, on paper, in photos or on cakes. I think it would be amazing to work for myself and do something I enjoy rather than sit at a desk all day being miserable. If only money grew on trees or if I could win the lottery, I could do this..haha :) Speaking of the lottery, I should go buy some tickets. It's up to $200 million or so in Kansas. So for now I get to work full time and start working towards my future goal. 

I am also enjoying posting on social network sites...aka facebook, forums, blogs, etc. So maybe this is a direction to go for a job??  First, I need to decide what my business will be. I have debated between just digital scrapbook designing and digital designing in general. Then I could design other things such as invitations, photo books, and cards. I did design my own wedding invitations, which turned out pretty well I have to say. Then there is what will I name my business. I was thinking Erin Leigh Designs but google has showed me there are already businesses of the same name. So I have to think and be more creative on a name.  So much to do and so little time....

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