Fun over the past few weeks! -
The past few weeks have been a bit crazy and hectic but FUN. I had my first photo shoot with my sister and her boyfriend. If you have not seen the awesome pictures click here. I also started Jessica Sprague's Art of Digital Design Class. It is sooo fun. I'm learning a ton and can't wait to get home from work each night to work on an assignment and watch her videos.  By the end of the five week class I will have an entire kit ready to go and to sell. So look out for that!  She also has a ton of other amazing classes so check out her website here. 

Last weekend was fun filled with a trip to Chicago to the Cubs vs. Cardinals game and for my sister-in-law's baby shower. I also made the cake, some cupcake toppers and candy labels...all giraffe themed which is what the baby's room looks like. The cake took oh 8 hrs to make but it turned out great and it was a big hit. It can be seen here. My other sister-in-law and I also made a diaper cake which turned out great too! Those are a lot of fun to make as well and not as messy as real cakes :)
The cute giraffe bedding was the inspiration behind the cake.
The cute giraffe cake for my sister in law's baby shower.
The adorable diaper cake we made.
I also did another photo shoot with my friend Trish. The sneak peak can be seen here.

Since I was out of town last weekend, I have a TON to catch up on. I plan to catch up on my Digital Design Class and finish editing all the photos from the shoot. Hopefully, I'll get them posted by Sunday or Monday for all to see! Can't wait! Oh and I also took pictures at the baby shower so I need to edit those and get them posted! I also plan to work on some more invitation designs. Soo much to do and so little time.

Also next week is busy with an exciting meeting I have... can't wait and hope things work out! I hope to have some exciting news but more on this later.

This weekend is also full of fun. A triple date on Friday with dinner and drinks and a white trash couple's wedding shower tomorrow. Also lunch with mom today! yay!

Hope everyone has a great weekend as well!

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